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in 2009 with funding from 

Selwyn House School 

SelHjn House Senior Pkfers 

bf Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee 
Directed by: Dr. Dj ron Darker 


"Early in 1925 the Tennessee legislature, dominated by 
Fimdamenlalists, passed a bill providing that it shall be unlawful for 
any teacher in any oj the universities, normals arui all other public 
schools of the State, which are supported in whole or in part by the 
public school funds of the State, to teach any theory that denies the 
story ojlhe Divine creation of man as taught in the Bible. ' 

This law had no sooner been placed upon the books than a 
little group ojmen in the sleepy town oJ Dayton, Tennessee, decided to 
put it to the test George Rappelyea, a mining engineer, was drinking 
lemon phosphates in Robinson's drug store with John Thomas Scopes, 
a likable young man of twenty-Jour who taught biology at the Central 
High School and two or three others. Rappelyea proposed that Scopes 
should allow himself to be caught redhanded in the act of teaching 
the theory of evolution to an innocent child, and Scopes — half serious, 
half in Joke — agreed. Their motives were apparently mixed: it was 
characteristic of the times that Rappelyea declared that their action 
would put Dayton on the map. At all events, the illegal deed was 
shortly perpetrated and Scopes was arrested. William Jennir^s Bryan 
forthwith volunteered his services to the prosecution: Rappelyea wired 
the Civil Liberties Union in New York and secured for Scopes the legal 
assistance of Clarence Darrow. Dudley Field Malone. and Arthur 
Garfield Hays: the trial was set for July 1925. and Dayton suddenly 
discovered thcU it was to be put on the map with a vengeance. 

In the eyes of the public, the trial was a battle between 
Fundamentalism on the one hand and twentieth-cerUury skepticism 
on the other. The champions of both causes were headliners. Bryan 
had been three times a candidate for the Presidency, had been 
Secretary of State, and was a famous orator: he was the perfect 
embodiment of old-fashioned American idealism— friendly, naive, 
provincial Darrow. a radical a friend of the under dog, an agnostic, 
had recently Jumped into the limelight of publicity through his defense 
of Leopold and Loeb (two notorious murderers of a child]. 

It was a strange trial Into the quiet town of Dayton flocked 
gaunt Tennessee farmers and their families in mule-drawn wagons 
and ramshackle Fords: quieU godly people in overall and ginghamand 
black ready to defend their faith against the foreigners," yet curious 

Abridged from Frederick Lewis Allen. Only Yesterday (New York: 
Bantam Books. 1959). pp. 142-45. 

to know what this new-fangled evolutionary theory might be. Reviualists 
of every sort flocked there, too, held their meetir^gs on the outskirts of the 
town under the light of flares, and tacked up signs on the trees about the 
courthouse— 'Read Your Bible Daily for One Week, ' and Be Sure Your 
Sins WiU Find You Out ' 

Yet the atmosphere of Dayton was not simply that of rural piety. 
Hot-dog vendors and lemonade vendors set up their stalls along the 
streets as if it were circus day. Booksellers hawked volumes on biology. 
Over a hundred newspaper men poured into the town. The Western 
Union instaUed twenty-two telegraph operators in a room off a grocery 
store. And meanwhile two million words were being telegraphed out of 
Dayton the trial was being broadcast by Chicago Tribune's station 
WGN, the Dreamland Circus at Coney Island offered "Zip" to the Scopes 
defense as a "missing link, " cable companies were reporting enormous 
increases in transatlantic cable calls, and news agencies in London 
were being besieged with requests for more copy from Switzerland, Italy, 
Germany, Russia, China, and Japan Ballyhoo had come to Dayton 

The climax came on the afternoon of July 20, when on the spur 
of the moment Hays asked that the defense be permitted to put Bryan 
on the stand as an expert on the Bible, and Bryan consented So great 
was the crowd that afternoon that the Judge decided to move the court 
outdoors, to a platform built against the courthouse under the maple 
trees. Benches were set out before it The reporters sat on the benches, 
on the ground, anywhere, and scribbled their stories. On the outskirts of 
the seated crowd a throng stood in the hot sunlight which streamed 
down through trees. " 

Clearly, the central situation and many of the details In Inherit 
the Wirvi (1955) parallel those In the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. The 
playwrights. Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, change the name of 
the town to Hlllboro. the names of the famous lawyers to Brady and 
Drummond. and the name of the defendant to Gates. They add the 
sub-plot (reminiscent of that of Romeo and Juliet) between Rachel 
Brown, her father, and Gates to develop the theme alluded to in the 
title. For the central scene in the play, however, the examination of 
Brady by Drummond. the playwrights draw most of the details from 
their historical model. 

We have taken the liberty of representing that the entire trial 
took place outside on the courthouse lawn, the Ai^gyle Street windows 
representing the outside of the courthouse and the right-hand lighting 
tower its clock tower. 


Time: July. 1925 

Place: The Lawn West of the Courthouse 
Hillsboro, Tennessee 


Scene I: Hillsboro receives Matthew Harrison Brady and Henry 
Dmmmond. both nationally known lawyers, who will 
prosecute and defend, respectively, Bertram Gates, a 
biology teacher accused of teaching evolution In the 

Scene n: Brady and Drummond select the Jury. 

Scene I: The Reverend Jeremiah Brown delivers a sermon. 


Scene U: The Prosecution presents Its case, then the Defence. 


The Jury renders its verdict. 


In Order of Appearance 


Howard Blair 

Rachel Brown 

Mr. Meeker 

Bertram Gates 


Mrs. Krebs 

Rev. Jeremiah Brown 

Mr. Corkin 

Mr. Bollinger 

Mr. Cooper 

Mr. Piatt 

Hot Dog Man 

Mrs. Blair 


E. K. Hombeck 



Matthew Harrison Brady 

Mrs. Brady 


Mr. Bannister 

Mr. Davenport 

Henry Drummond 



Mr. Sillers 

First Workman 

Second Workman 

neuter's Man 

Womzin (in the sermon) 

Man (in the sermon) 

Harry Esterbrook (Radio Man) 

Francesca Caruana 
Tom Watt 
Annmarle Ruel 
Jamie Seguin 
Joseph Ayas 
Muneesh Jha 
Erin Riggs 
Josef Szep 
Chris Moffatt 
Franco S£in Gregorio 
Tom Fletcher 
Joe Flanders 
Henri Guay 
Allison Gibbs 
James Oliver 
Eric Pedicelll 
Ivan Neilson 
Yan Besner 
Antony Blalkle 
Kathy Asimovic 
Ekiward Kubow 
Tim Martoni 
Gandar Chakravarty 
David WllUams 
Jesse Ikeman 
Raymond Ayas 
Tal Pinch evsky 
Jeremy Adler 
Mark Arguilles 
Chris Aranda 
Hilary McGown 
Henri Guay 
Paul Deiy-Goldbei^ 


Townspeople and Jurors 

Jeremy Adler. Annie Bouhairle. Eugenlo Burnier. Morgan Lackman, 
Gabrlella Loii. John MacDonald. Carol Manning. David McKlnnon, 
Charles McLean, Anna Nellson, Ivein Nellson, David Novak, 
Amitabh Saxena. Rlc Sen, Mark Spellman, Lara Sterling. 
Constantlne Vassillou 

Scientists: Witnesses for the Defense 

Marc Belanger ('94), Mallar Chakravarty ('94), Prosanto Chaudhury ('91), 
David Cude. David Drury ('94), Virginia Ferguson, Chris Gayton ('94), 
David Haber ('94), Andrew Lord ('94), Brad Moffat. Brenda Montgomery, 
Tom Pitfleld ('93), Shaun Rosengarten ('94). Marc Schaffer ('94). 
Steve Schelling ('90), Mary Ellen Vlau 


Evai/noN TO KUMOw&Ml 


MEM JEKSCY M /fl2, A6 

dccawHifo temmnt 







Technical Producer 

Production Supervisor 

Set Design 


Stage Manager 


Layout Design for Street Scene 

Descent of Man Painting 

Detail Finish on Street Scene 

Detail Painting 

Set Construction. Lighting 
Installation and Painting 

Publicity & Ticket Sales 

Ticket and Cover Design 


Byron Marker 

Marc Krushelnyski 

Virginia Ferguson 

Byron Marker. Marc Krushelnyski 

Byron Marker 

Adam Glnter 

Jeremy Adler. Chris Aranda 

Sara Colby 

Brian Fanning 

Brian Fanning 

Scott Bailey. Graham Colby. 

Thomas Lin. Kyle-Sebastian Pilot. 

Joseph Szep. Tri Vinh Van. Tom Watt 

Marc Krushelnyski 

Antony Blaikie. Jim Cousins. Gandar 
Chakravarty. Will Cobbett. 
Stephen Fish. Allison Glbbs. Byron 
Marker. Jesse Ikeman. Tom Johnson 
("94). Christine Krushelnyski. 
Mike Lord. Milary McGown. 
Chris Moffatt. David Novak. 
Eric Pedicelll, Erin Rlggs. 
Franco San Gregorio. Jamie Seguin. 
Slmplicio Urgel. David Williams 
Kathi Biggs 

Eric Goldwarg, Joel Lowsky. 
Brenda Montgomery. Andre Nguyen. 
Rob Rutledge. Brandon Sant. 
Alan Sarhan. Ben Sharp 
Scott Bailey 
Mary Ellen Viau 
Virginia Ferguson. The Cast. 
Mrs. Rumpf. Gabrielle Pilot. 
Judge Gold 

Virginia Ferguson. Mary Ellen Viau. 
Chris Fordyce, Taylor Lloyd 


Vtdco Filming Supervisor 
and Editor 

Live and Pre-Fllmed Video 

Back-Projection Switcher 
Green Room Feed Video 
Memorial Video 

Library Research 
Script Editing 
Make Up 

Marc Morgenstem 

Stephen Fish 

Alex Grasslno 

Tri Vlnh Van 

Roger Nlncherl 

Mike Lord. Hugo Blomfleld, 

Will Cobbett 

Thomas Linn 

Virginia Ferguson 

Byron Marker 

Kyle-Sebastian Pilot. Gene Kruger 

Virginia Ferguson 

Kate Angell. Carla Burke. 

Mary Guay, Gayle Jewer. 

Natalie La Croix. 

Christine Krushelnyskl. Susan Lord. 

Irene Lunt. Dorothy Martin. 

Cellna Masoud. Brenda Montgomery, 

Pat Patterson. Ellen Plnchuk. 

Najwa Sallmon. Deborah Schatla. 

Mary Ellen Vlau, Lorayne Winn 

Line Coaches 

Programme Layout 
Programme Duplication and 

Refreshment Stand 

Hot Dog Vendor 
Cotton Candy Vendor 

Kathi Biggs. Virginia Ferguson. 
Mary Ellen Vlau. Pat Shannon. 
Andrew Webster 
Byron Harker 
James F. McMillan 

Christine Krushelnyskl 

Kathi Biggs 

David Novak. Rob Fargnoll. 

Andrew Lassner. Mark Mulroney. 

Adrian Schauer. Matthew Slngerman. 

Stuart Szabo 

Henri Guay 

Noah Bloom 


Assembly of Staging Platforms 


'Read Your Bible" Banners 

Dther Portable Signs 

Backstage Monitors 

On Stage Food 

^monade Cooler 

Marc Krushelnyskl 

Jeremy Adler. Mark Arguilles. 
Joseph Ayas. Antony Blaikie. 
Noah Bloom. Francesca Cciruana. 
Will Cobbett. Graham Colby. 
Paul Dery-Goldberg. Joe Flanders. 
Tom Fletcher. Chris Fordyce. 
Adam Ginter. Paul Gomez. 
Alex Grassino. Byron Harker, 
Jesse Ikeman. Muneesh Jha. 
Morgan Lackman, Thomas Lin. 
Mike Lord. Tim Martoni, 
Charles McLeem. Chris Moffatt. 
Eric Pedicelli. Tal Pinchevsky. 
Rob Rutledge. Franco San Gregorio. 
Amitabh Saxena, Alan Sarhan. 
Jamie Seguin. Stuart Szabo. 
Josef Szep. Tri Vinh Van. 
Constantine Vassiliou. Tom Watt 

Mary Ellen Viau's Grade 4 Class 
Ellen Pinchuk and Mary Ellen Viau 

Sara Colby and Mary Ellen Viau 

Rob Wearing. Andrew Webster. 

Peter Govan 

Mai Lloyd. Shirley Martoni. 

Mary Guay 



Black and White Snippets from Stanley Kramer's film Inherit the 
Wind (United Artists), starring Spencer Tracy as Drummond. 
Fredrlc March as Brady, and Gene Kelly as Hornbeck. 

Live O. J. Coverage Tips from CNN 


Love and gratitude to Virginia Ferguson, who has done everything in 
her power to help the director to get this blimp off the ground. 
Besides performing at her own initiative Innumerable hands-on 
tasks, Virginia has drummed up support and help from the wider 
School community and buoyed up the director's occasionally 
sagging spirits. Virginia will not be able to help us next year because 
she will be teaching a night course in children's literature at the 
School of Library Science at McGill. Good luck. Virginia, in this new 
departure, and thanks for your continuing and amazingly generous 
help and love. 


xcMmc ^ (woumoN 




Special thanks, hugs and kisses also to the director's other distaff 
supporters and tireless helpers: Kathl Biggs. Mary Ellen Vlau. and 
Brenda Montgomery. 

Gratitude to Mark Morgenstem forgiving up his life and skills to us 
during the final boarding stages and first flights. We much appreciate 
his friendship and his expertise in filming and teaching others to film 
on video. 

Thanks and warm greetings from SHS to Brian Fanning, a personal 
friend to the Krushelnyskl's. for his impressive artwork and his expert 

SPECIAL GREETINGS and thanks to all my Old Boys who agreed at 
Virginia's invitation to appear as extras!!! 

Thanks to Debbie Dragone and Jim Leonldis for helping us with 
MONEY and for supporting us with their enthusiastic interest. 

Tlianks to Sara Colby for helping us with art work — at the last minute, 
as usual. 

Thanks to Allison Glbbs. Erin Rlggs. and Hilary McGown for their 
exemplary constancy in attending rehearsals and set-building sessions. 

Thanks to the Phys. Ed. guys, especially Pete Govcm and Steve Mitchell, 
for giving up to us their space and their guys. 

Tlianks and long-term service awards to Monty Krlndle and to Roger 

Thanks to Simplicio Urgel and Jim Cousins for their continuing interest 
and support. 

Thanks and love to Marc Krushelnyski for yet again giving up his March 
break (and the two weeks after it ) to attend to yet another Senior Play. 

Thanks to Christine Krushelnyski for many favours, including making 
arrangements for the hot dog stand and the cotton candy machine.